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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How long has MFOA been in existence? 

MFOA filed its corporation charter on February 6, 1995.


2.  What is unique about MFOA as a forestry organization?

First, MFOA interfaces with legislators on issues whereas there are limitations imposed on public charities.

Second, the organization represents and supports only ONE group; that is non-industrial private forest landowners (NIPFL).

Thirdly, MFOA is known throughout the State of Montana, neighboring areas, and increasingly by the national level, as a strong, effective, and respected advocate for the NIPFL.  MFOA earned this respect through hard work and diligence for the NIPFL.

3.  Can you name a recent MFOA accomplishment for NIPFL’s? 

In Montana’s 2017 Legislative Session, MFOA monitored bills affecting private forest landowners.
MFOA volunteers testified at hearings and were able to impact such legislation. Some of the legislative bills follow:
HP587 to allow prescribed burning under certain circumstances without being liable for damage – voted down.
HB583 to tax forest land property with structures at fair market value (rather than forest land) – property used for “associated forest land management” (i.e., the primary use of a structure is
to support the health, maintenance, growth or harvest of the forest on the subject property) will remain as forest land class ten property for taxation purposes.
HP262 to restrict a landowner from installing a fence, gate or sign to restrict public access without first gaining approval of the county commissioners (under certain conditions) – voted down.
HB434 to improve wildlife habitat and fight noxious weeds – passed after removing a Senate amendment to incorporate public access efforts.

4.  Are my membership dues or other contributions tax deductible? 

While contributions or gifts to MFOA are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for Federal or State income tax purposes, they may be tax deductible under other provisions of the Internal Revenue Code and applicable State laws.

5.  Must I own a tree farm to become a member of MFOA? 

No, anyone may join MFOA.

6.  What staff does MFOA have? 

The staff is entirely volunteer, ordinary persons who have a passion for family forests and their importance in society.

7.  Is MFOA willing to accept input and suggestions concerning forestry and otherwise? 

Yes, we welcome all suggestions, including constructive criticism.

8.  Can I volunteer to assist MFOA? 

Absolutely.  We promise you that we will greatly appreciate your assistance and will do our best to make your assistance enjoyable and satisfying to you.

9.  How may I volunteer? 

Just send us a quick message.  It is as easy as that.

10.  Does MFOA support the wood products industry? 

MFOA supports a robust and sustainable wood products industry so that NIPFLs can have ready access to nearby lumber mills and professional foresters and loggers to help them manage their forests.

11. What type of legal organization is MFOA? 

MFOA is a Montana corporation operating under the Laws of Montana.

12. Is the MFOA a tax exempt organization? 

Yes, MFOA is tax exempt under Section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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