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Latest Activity - 4/15


Annual Raffle Winners

Chain Saw Raffle Update:              
Congratulations to our 2022 winner:
Claude Burlingame


Thanks to RDO for their financial support of the raffle.
Please frequent this generous business!

Claude Burlingame.png

Congratulations to our 2020 winner:
Brad Isbell of Missoula

Brad joined MFOA in 2020.  Hint hint.........

Three winners at the 2019 Landowner Conference

Stihl MS271 Chain Saw winner - Hillary Hutchison.

Stilh chaps winner - Chris Wolstad

Stihl Forestry Helmet System winner - Rebecca Hendrix


Winner Hillary Hutchison with MFOA President Mike Christianson


Takes three to read some handwriting

Chainsaw winner at the 2018 Landowner Conference

Allen Chrisman of Kalispell won the raffle for the Stihl MS271 chainsaw at the April 27, 2018, Montana Forest Landowners Conference in Helena.

Mike Christianson congratulates Allen Chrisman.

Chainsaw winner at the 2017 Landowner Conference - James Hewes of Potomac, Montana

Mike and Jody Christianson determining winner of the 2017 Landowner Conference chainsaw raffle.

And the winner is...James Hewes of Potomac, MT!  James is pictured here on his property in front of one of his artistic creations, the Tamarack Talisman, 30’ w 25’ h 25’ deep.    "I’m feeling pretty lucky to have this new saw thanks to you." - Jim

The Talisman was 30’ x 30’ x 30’ when I finished it in 2003.   The present configuration is 30’ wide about 25’ tall similar to the picture.  The panels are just painted aluminum and a wire mesh.  I’ve changed it since that picture and used the parts for different installations around the property. 

The new works include Buddhist mandalas and Chinese symbols all suspended in the same geometry.  All rather large too.  I’m developing a kind of sculpture garden / sanctuary here in Potomac.

Chainsaw winner at the 2016 Landowner Conference

Dave Atkins of Missoula won the raffle for the Stihl MS271 chainsaw.  Stihl and Owenhouse Ace Hardware of Bozeman donated the saw to Montana Forest Owners Association for raffling at the April 15, 2016 Montana Forest Landowners Conference.

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